More Silicon Valley: More Artificial Intelligence – More automation
  • More automation: At least 50% Less time
  • More automation: At least 50% Less time
  • Connect your data from anywhere
  • 100% future proof vicinity
  • Modular building blocks – Easy to get started
    step by step
  • Better decisions based on facts: More profit
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): intelligent decisions
Limitless scaling:
Deliver powerful insights from all your data across big data analytics systems at lightning speed.
Powerful Empirical Choices:
Expand insight discovery from all your data and apply machine learning models.
Unified scalable experience:
Reduce project development time with a unified experience for building end-to-end analytics solutions.
Secure Converged Analytics:
Break down data barriers and perform analytics on operational and business application data with Azure Synapse Link – data consistency without data movement.
Unsurpassed security
Secure data with the most advanced security and privacy features on the market, such as B. Column and row level security and dynamic data masking.
brings together data integration and big data analytics of the www like google cloud – ms cloud – Amazon Web Services
Start fast and scale efficiently:
Use Azure Resource Manager to create and deploy an Azure Analysis Services instance.
Leverage the scalability, flexibility, and manageability benefits of the cloud.
Turn complex data into a version of the truth
Combine data from multiple sources into a single, semantic application that’s easy to understand and use. Enable data discovery.
Provide secure access anytime, anywhere: Trust
Role-based security through Azure Active Directory support: Only authorized users can access your data models.
Adjust performance as the business scales.
Reduce the time to acquisition of large and complex datasets. Connect to real-time operational data with DirectQuery and keep a close eye on the pulse of your business.
Accelerate your work-flow and dynamics:
Share your solutions in a highly secure way. Leverage robust capabilities to manage, test, and deploy quickly and reliably.
Develop in a familiar environment:
Focus on solving business problems and maximize your problem-solving potential in an analytical environment.
Grow your business: Bring your data together: Azure Synapse is a borderless analytics service that brings together data integration and big data analytics of the www data & applications – as google cloud – ms cloud – Amazon Web Services
a unified experience for ingesting, preparing, transforming, managing, and delivering data – borderless – your data and your partner application